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Glentek Alpha

Glentek's Alpha Series Digital Servo Drives offer high performance control of rotary and linear servo motors.  Drives are available with continuous current ratings from 4A to 75A and can operate in current or velocity mode.  They can be supplied in single and multi-axis configurations.


Glentek Servo Motors are available with continuous torques from 0.1Nm to 120Nm in frame sizes from 40mm to 220mm square.  They can be supplied with standard metric, NEMA and imperial mounting configurations

The Glentek Gamma Series Digital PWM Servo Drives offer high performance multi-core DSP control of brushless, brush type, rotary, linear, voice coil and AC induction motors. The series offers expanded command and control modes including CANopen and indexing/point-to-point. The drives also accept feedback from a wider range of devices, namely incremental encoders, absolute serial encoders (Biss, EnDat and SSI) and analog sin/cos encoders.  Programmable I/O includes five optically isolated inputs, 6 Schmitt triggers, 2 differential inputs, 2 MOSFET outputs, two optically isolated programmable outputs, and a general purpose relay.  AC and DC powered packages are available.  Drives incorporate Field Oriented Control (FOC) and Space Vector Modulation (SVM) algorithms which provide optimum control and enable motors to run cooler and at higher velocities. 

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